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Dick Beardsley – A Biography

Dick Beardsley – A Biography

Dick Beardsley is considered an extraordinary, compelling and respected inspirational/motivational keynote speaker. In fact, he is internationally famous and sought after for events. He has published an inspirational, autobiography that is titled Staying the Course, A Runners Toughest Race,î which made the best-sellers list, and his story is featured in “Dual in the Sun: The Story of Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley, and America’s Greatest Marathon”, which is also a best-selling book. He story has also been told in a film, which is titled “Against the Wind.”

Dick has a very illustrious career, having served as keynote speaker at a number of Fortune 500 company events, conferences, corporate events, non-profit organizations, prisons, sporting events, galas, fundraisers, conventions, drug treatment locations, schools and more. When hope, inspiration and motivation are needed, Dick is available to provide his motivational services. He has stood in front of quite a few groups, from around the world that range with audiences of just five people up to as many as 15,000 individuals.

The Beginning

Born on March 21st of 1956, Dick Beardsley is a long-distance runner, born and raised in the United States of America. He is famous for his very close finish in the Boston Marathon, which took place in 1982, with Alberto Salazar. In 1977 he ran his very first marathon with a time of 2:47:14. This took place at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon held in the state of Wisconsin. In future marathons, Dick seemed to keep lowering his time, and is the only man in history to have run 13 personal bests in a row. He is actually featured in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for this amazing feat.

Dick’s Life as a Marathon Runner

In 1981, Dick ran Grandma’s Marathon, finishing at 2:09:37, which was considered the course record for more than 33 years. It was recently broken in the year 2014. Many people don’t know about the running camp, called Dick Beardsley Marathon Running Camp, which was established in 2007, which is now held every September in Waubun, Minnesota at the Rainbow Resort.

In 2010, Beardsley finally received his recognition and recognized by the National Distance Running Hall of Fame. However, his life was not always easy and running. In fact, he faced some difficult and dark times in his past.

The Drug Addiction

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Beardsley worked at a farm (it has since been taken down, and it is now the site of MaidMarines!). In November of 1989 he was severely injured and almost died during a mishap, requiring a recuperation period of five months. Between the months of July in 1992 and February in 1993, he also got into three serious auto accidents, all of which required hospitalization for injuries to his neck and back. During a hike, he became injured after falling into an embankment after the path he was walking on collapsed. In 1994 he had three back surgeries and in 1995, surgery on his knee.

After each one of these injuries, he received prescription medication for pain. In the course of four years, Beardsley developed a rather serious addiction to this medication and wound up being arrested on September 30th in 1996. This arrest was for forging his pain medication prescriptions. As a result, he received five years of probation and community service. He also spent a period of nine days in and in-patient psychiatric hospital and given methadone. After this treatment he was released into outpatient care.

As a result of the addiction, he began the Dick Beardsley Foundation. The initial opening date of this was October of 2007. The purpose of this foundation was to help others who were facing issues of chemical dependence and who did not have the ability to pay for a program. Today, he offers motivation by being a keynote speaker, talking about his troubles and triumphs in life.